"I think that I shall never see A tree lovely as a cheque"
Katy Hayes, with apologies to A J Kilmer


The Sun Always Rises

Radio play

Anne, Sally and Stephen meet up fifteen years after they knew each other in college. The idyll of their college life had been shattered by a fatal car accident, involving Stephen and Anne, after which Stephen serves a prison sentence for drunken driving. Neither of them finished their exams. But now, after a decade and a half of failures and bitterness, Stephen tells Anne that it was in fact she who was driving that fateful night, that he had taken the rap for her because he loved her, and his life had never got back on track. Anne, meanwhile, has had the perfect life, is professionally successful and domestically happy. But is that cushy rug now to be pulled from under her?

First produced by RTE Radio1 Drama, 2011

Cast: Cathy Belton, Dawn Bradfield, Darragh Kelly

Producer: Aidan Mathews.

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One act play

Lorraine and Paul are on a date, and looking like they might be headed for a breakthrough on the intimacy front. Unfortunately, Lorraine's complicated alter ego, The Other Lorraine, decides to make an appearance and screw everything up. You see, Lorraine has a secret: she was sexually abused in childhood, and in order to cope, she split in two. One side of her became strong, purposeful and controlled, and leads a successful life. But her functioning self has a major job trying to keep the other half, the wild, destructive, depressive side, under control. The Other Lorraine makes a habit of appearing whenever she is on the verge of intimacy. Is there any hope for Lorraine's splintered selves?

First produced by the Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage, 1995

Cast: Melanie Mac Hugh, Fionnuala Murphy, Sean O'Neill

Director: Brid O'Gallchoir

The playing age of the actors, 1M 2F, is mid/late twenties. The set is a partially refurbished cottage in Dublin. The play is about forty minutes long, perfect for lunchtime. Performance rights are obtainable using the contact form on this website or by sending Katy an @message on Twitter.

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Katy has written two stage adaptations:
Vampirella and the Company of Wolves by Angela Carter, adapted by Katy Hayes
Produced by Glasshouse Productions at The Project Arts Centre 1995

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, adapted by Katy Hayes
Produced by Raven Theatre Company at The City Arts Centre 1992